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Energy Healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care.  1. Sessions are strictly confidential. 2. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, unless given the permission to share as the client testimonials below have done.

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These testimonies are people’s stories that have agreed to share with you what they have dealt with, how they or their animal was helped and their thoughts about this energy healing work. Please know that not all clients will experience the same results and that all healing results will vary.


Rick D. (58)

I had right shoulder pain, unable to lift above the plain of my shoulder. This started about 2001, as a torn rotator cuff. I had an MRI in 2002, bone chips cleaned out of socket, and a total of 3 surgeries, one an exploratory surgery with nothing found. My pain level was about a 9 to 10 severity, never under an 8. I had to lift my arm, rest it on a wall just to put deodorant on.  After doing a session with Clear Intentions Coaching in 2017, immediately I was able to lift my arm above my head and swing my arm around and around.  I was able to throw the football with son, help my daughter practice for Little League that I was not able to do before. This work is absolutely amazing.


Zerak R. (26)

I have had an allergic reaction to cats since birth or since I can remember. A cat could not even be in the room and I would start having a reaction. I am an animal lover of cats too. I tried allergy medicine to help, and somewhat would distance myself from friends and family due the allergic reactions I would have. I’d bare with it, stay as long as I could deal with it, but would eventually need to remove myself from the environment. After a few sessions with Clear Intentions Coaching, I no longer have an allergy to cats. I noticed this when I was at a friend’s house and their cat was crawling all over me and I was fine. No reaction. What can I say, this work is pretty awesome.


Chantry L. (37)

I have dealt with alcoholism, back pain, depression, loneliness for quite some time. I have tried quitting, slowing down, changing my environment. Clear Intentions Coaching removed my Heartwall. I now feel that I don’t have to drink all the time. This feeling went from a 10 severity down to about a 3. I hardly notice the back pain anymore or the loneliness. I also got a job and going to school getting a 4.0 gpa. I would recommend that everyone have their Heartwall checked and removed. Look what it did for me. This is really cool.


Sheree C. (61)

My right leg was feeling really heavy, charlie horses aching in calve, throbbing in foot. Tried stretching, walking, drank a bit of apple cider vinegar, took medication for relief. My pain level was a 10 severity to 9.5 almost wanted my husband to take me to the hospital, could not put pressure on it, and walked with a cane. Ever since working with Clear Intentions Coaching, the pain is gone. I am able to walk and it does not hurt. I’m just blown away!


Jeremie D. (34)

I was dealing with a tooth ache. Level was a 10+ severity. I took pain medication to lessen the pain. The next day after my session with Clear Intentions Coaching, my pain level went from a 10 to a zero overnight and it has not returned.


Bruce C. (65)

I was dealing with leg pain, neuropathy, chest pain. Seen neurologist and other doctors, tried taking pain medications. The pain had never changed until having sessions with Clear Intentions Coaching. Leg pain went from a 9 severity to a 4 and the chest pain from an 8 to almost none. I am very thankful for this work and hope more people out there dealing with pain give it a try.


Carla C. (57)

My emotions of hate and anger that I had for this one person was on a level of severity of a 10+. I did not care to hear the persons name come up in conversation nor want to be around this person. After doing sessions for my wrist pain, did I start to not have those feelings toward this person. Possibly the emotions that were causing my wrist pain, I believe, were also about this person. Once releasing those emotions, my wrist pain did feel better, but my emotions for this person are now gone.