The Emotion Code is an excellent technique for quickly and easily identifying and removing emotional baggage from your physical and subtle energetic body. It was developed by a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson. The Emotion Code is based on the premise that the emotions we feel during difficult situations or traumatic events throughout our lives leave behind pieces of vibrational resonances, called trapped emotions. They are little balls of energy embedded in the organs, tissues, and cells of our bodies. Trapped emotions block and distort our natural flow of energy. This can lead to physical and emotional imbalances which cause us to feel symptoms. Once identified, these trapped emotions can be released through the body’s energy meridian system.

Emotions and How They Become Trapped

We feel a wide range of emotions every day, and these emotions bring depth and richness to our human experience. Every emotion we experience, from joy to anger, is perfectly normal. In ideal circumstances, we experience the feelings, and then we let them go and move on. All of us at times are faced with stress, unhappiness, and difficult situations we don’t know how to navigate. These events and traumas become internalized, and the vibrational resonance of that emotion lodges in the body. Once the emotion is trapped, it will remain buried there until measures are taken to energetically remove it.

Trapped emotions are invisible, but they are not always silent. Trapped emotions cause distortions in our energy fields and create imbalances in the body. They ‘speak’ by manifesting symptoms. These symptoms can be physical and contribute to illness, or they can leave people feeling unhappy, disconnected, unable to find love, etc.

“Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become ‘trapped’ within us. It is my experience that a significant percentage of physical illness, emotional difficulty, and self-sabotage are actually created by these unseen energies.” Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Releasing trapped emotions can cause dramatic shifts in love, general life happiness, career success, and physical health.

Identifying Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions are identified through muscle testing or applied kinesiology. Muscle testing is a way to access the vast memory bank of our subconscious mind. When the trapped emotion is identified and you talk about the connected event, the energetic vibration of that emotion becomes activated. (An easy way to understand this is to think of a situation that holds an “emotional charge” for you. If you talk about the time you were embarrassed in front of the entire 5th grade class, you begin to feel the tightening in your stomach.) The activated trapped emotion rises to the surface where it can be moved through your meridian system and released.

Releasing Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions are released by running a magnet along the Governing Meridian. The Governing Meridian runs along your spine and connects to all other energy meridians in the body. Because trapped emotions are vibrational energy, once they are activated, the magnet can easily draw their energy out through the meridian system. It works in the same way a magnet will deactivate your credit card – or worse – erase the hard drive in your computer.

Many people feel the sensations of energy moving through their bodies as trapped emotions are released. This frequently involves sighing or yawning, both of which are signs of deep release – and that’s a fantastic thing! Most people tell me they feel better right away. Other sensations clients report include:

  • a sense of something lifting off their chest or shoulders
  • feeling lighter
  • chills
  • goosebumps or hair on arms or legs momentarily lifting
  • feeling of warmth or coolness
  • internal twinge
  • a sudden upwelling of the particular emotion being released

It really all depends on your body and how strong the trapped emotion is. Don’t worry – any sensations are mild and pass quickly.

The number of trapped emotions released during one session varies. It depends on many factors such as the intensity and location of the emotions, your particular temperament, and your current condition. It is a process of gently removing old layers. Your body has an innate wisdom and knows exactly what it needs to release and heal, and when it is ready for processing time.

Processing is a time of healing where your body continues to completely release the residual energies of the released emotions and heal the areas where those emotions were trapped. Processing time varies according to each situation and usually lasts 1-2 days. You may feel perfectly fine, or you may have moments of sensitivity. If so, a little extra TLC is just the thing. It helps to drink extra water, eat fresh nourishing food, go for a walk in the fresh air, do some yoga, take a nap, have a bath with Epsom salts, or just do something you especially enjoy.

Trapped Emotions and the Heart Wall

As an Emotion Code practitioner,  a large part of my work is finding and releasing trapped emotions and what Dr Bradley Nelson (creator of Body Code system) calls ‘The Heart Wall’. If we have felt deep hurt or heartache in our life, the subconscious mind, in an attempt to protect us from further hurt, may begin to build up a symbolic ‘wall of energy’ around our heart and emotions. This invisible ‘heart wall’ interferes with our ability to give and receive love, feel positive emotions, allow commitment and manifest what we want in our lives.

People often sense that they have emotional issues, but don’t know how to get past them. They are usually amazed to find out that their emotional baggage often consists of trapped emotions and other energies that became trapped during emotional events they experienced in their past. They are even more amazed to see how easily these energies can be found and removed and by how different they feel afterward.

The heart wall is a protective shield that your subconscious mind builds around your heart during times of intense heartache or heartbreak. This protective heart wall is made of trapped emotions. Your subconscious mind does this to protect your heart from further hurt.

The problem is that the heart wall is not selective. It keeps out the bad, but also keeps out the good, leaving us isolated from the love of others. Additionally, when we send love from our hearts to others, if that love passes through a heart wall, it becomes tainted by the negative energies of the heart wall.

The heart wall is often the critical factor for people who want to find love but are unable. Removing the heart wall opens the door to lasting love, unlocks your creative potential – plus so much more!